What You Should Know About Salt Room Therapy


Salt therapy is a type of therapy that uses salt. It’s a hundred-year-old therapy that is still around today, for the reason that it’s very effective. Usually what happens during salt therapy is that you are placed in a room where you are exposed to salt. Sure you’re not a person that plans to be marinated in salt and you don’t plan to be eaten either thus you don’t need to be seasoned with one, but jokes aside, salt therapy is healthy and it’s really good for you.

Because of its effectivity that it has been widely used by various cultures from various countries and Australia is not an exception. Its geared towards airway relief, good skin treatment and contributes to the overall well being. Its certainly a unique therapy since it involves one to literally be seasoned in salt. But in all seriousness, if you’re curious whether salt room therapy is good for you, read further below.ea

What’s it really called? Salt therapy is actually called as halotherapy and can be broken down into to Two types, the dry halotherapy, and the wet halotherapy:

  • Dry halotherapy: Dry salt therapy refers to exposing one in an environment rich with salt particles like a room or a cave. Once you’re exposed to the salt particles, its meant to absorb allergens and toxins from your body. It also breaks up mucus and clears the airway resulting in you being able to expel it properly.
  • Wet halotherapy: Refers to salt therapy that is administered along with a fluid. It still pretty much has the same concept as the dry salt therapy with the presence of water. Wet halotherapy is the term used when you do things mentioned below:
  • Bathing
  • Drinking
  • Gargling
  • Nasal irrigation
  • Salt water filled floatation tanks

Things that you need to know about salt therapy: Although there are no known side effects as far as salt therapy is concerned, it’s still important that you seek an expert before you even try it since it does cause discomfort to the wrong people like:

  • Coughing
  • Wheezing
  • shortness of breath

Before and after: If salt therapy got you interested, its highly advised that you seek medical advice before and after to make sure that the treatment worked for you. The fact is, salt therapy isn’t for everybody and although you can pretty much go to a salt spa and get your salt therapy, it makes a big difference if you’ve seen the experts and know what they think about it.

Salt therapy is an age-old therapy wherein one is exposed to salt particles. It’s been said that its a very effective way to treat skin problems, provides airway relief and overall well being. There are some exceptions to this since it can also aggravate coughing, wheezing and shortness of breathe. Although you don’t need doctors to order to submit to one, it’s still highly advised that you ask for a medical opinion before you try it, you might have an existing condition that will make salt therapy not good for you. If you’re looking for a salt room therapy Australia, click the hyperlink.