Why You Need to Switch to a Bidet Toilet For Your Baby


By the year 2019, we would commemorate 100+ years of humans using toilet papers. It also means that a hundred years ago, cars, computers, and the internet was nonexistent. We have not advanced at all concerning how we should clean ourselves after doing the deed. We have gotten so used to wiping our bottoms with thin sheets of paper that we fail to see and embrace the technological help that bidets provide. But what do bidets have to do with babies?

Bidets are the cleanest and the new, more user-friendly way to clean yourself. It is a hands-free experience that will leave you spotless. When you are traveling around the world, you will notice that a lot of countries already use a bidet.

In a lot of years, bidets have slowly improved themselves, from ordinary hoses to a “Brondell Swash 1000” with additional features that are amazing. Here is why you need to switch to bidets for your baby.


That putrid moment where you miscalculate and wipe with your bare hands? Yeah, we have all been there before. The cleanup of a “cleanup gone wrong” is horrendous. The feeling of having touched your droppings will be an unpleasant experience for you. But right now, there is a product that can eliminate going through that experience again. And that is, of course, the bidet toilets. Being hands-free means, you reduce the risk of passing germs and bacterias to your baby when holding him or her.


Don’t get it wrong the bidets cost a pretty penny but if you sit down with a calculator, you get to throw away hundreds of dollars a year in toilet paper. Buying a bidet can be an investment. A permanent solution to the problem, what more, no more trash bins filled with feces. In the long run, a bidet would cost less than buying toilet papers; this means more money that you can use for your baby.


Face it, the toilet paper you use every day has a significant effect on our environment. Toilet paper companies cut down hundreds of thousands of trees monthly. That is enough to clean down the Amazon forest in a year. Taking to account the bidets use of inexpensive tap water to wash down your feces, this eliminates the primary purpose of toilet paper. Cutting the cost and doing good for the environment is always a good start. And who wouldn’t want a better world for their kids to grow up in?

More efficient

The term wipe means to clean something by rubbing its surface with a cloth. Wiping your bottom isn’t an accurate statement since you have no basis if it is clean or not. Wiping eliminates roughly 10% of your feces per wipe. So generally, you have to wipe at least ten times to make sure you are clean down there. On the other hand, bidets clean you a hundred percent. Water is a great way to loosen the feces from your bottom. It is precise, and it does not ask you to do the dirty work. Aside from that, bidets also offer a selection of scented waters to refresh you when you stand up and pull your pants. And when your babies grow up, an awesome bidet is waiting for them in the bathroom.