Your Baby and You at 10 Weeks, 5 Days Pregnant


The first two weeks after a woman conceives may not produce any notable change in her body structure; however, once it gets to the first four weeks, the woman begins to notice that something is definitely changing. Her hormonal changes become more visible. As the fetus continues to grow, it continues to cause the mother’s body to change in preparation for its grand arrival.

The miracle of conception and childbirth is a source of awe. From resembling an amphibian to becoming a fully developed baby in the womb, we all have gone through those stages.New mothers, especially first-time mothers often like to know what they need at any stage of their pregnancy.

A woman needs to eat the right amount and type of food, exercise well and maintain good hygiene when pregnant, but there are some other things one needs to know and do at these stages.

This article deals with what changes you will notice within you and your baby at 10weeks, 5 days pregnant.

Your Baby

According to Tommys at 10 weeks and 5 days pregnant, your baby is in the ultimate forming stage. At this stage, ears become more visible and are close to their appropriate positions. Eyes are also closer to the rightful position.  While the baby is mostly curled in the womb, hands would now be able to bend and touch the chest. Sometimes longer legs develop so that they can meet over the body.

It’s during this time that your baby forms the liver and kidneys. It also begins to develop other body structures such as the toenails and hairs. Heartbeat rate will also increase to about 170 times per minute!

One notable change is that it can then begin to flex its limbs and kick; however, these movements might be light and almost negligible.

Generally speaking, this stage is considered a “developmental milestone” for your baby. During this trimester, your baby will only be a miniature picture of what it will look like at birth.Although your fetus will be less susceptible to most forms of physical deformity at this point, it’s still important to be careful throughout the remaining period of gestation.


Physical Changes

Have you ever seen a grapefruit? Your uterus should be about that size when you’re 10weeks, 5 days pregnant.

Your midsection should begin to protrude at this point. For first time mothers, this is just about the time that their waistline begins to expand noticeably and their wardrobe begins to get a little awkward. For women who are familiar with this stage, it might come a bit earlier.

You may notice veins popping up on your legs, stomach and even breasts. This is because your blood volume increases during pregnancy -studies show that it increases by about 40 – 50 percent.

Experts advise that this period is when a pregnant mom should make extra efforts to care for herself, as pregnancy symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue and frequent hunger are expected at this stage.

With proper exercise to increase fitness, these shouldn’t pose much of an issue. Mothers who are 10 weeks and 5 days pregnant are advised to engage in activities like swimming, walking or running. If you’re unsure about the intensity or level of exercise that you should do at this stage, then you should contact your physician for advice.

Breaking Wind

During pregnancy, you may experience an increased formation of gases and at inconvenient times. This means you may have to excuse yourself more often; however, this is totally normal, although this situation can be made worse by some kinds of food.

Emotional Changes

At 10 weeks, 5 days pregnant, there is a plethora of emotional imbalance that a woman goes through.

Firstly, she may feel superstitious. A lot of women in this stage of their pregnancy become overly superstitious and while reality and science tend to swirl before you, it would be a lot of fun to try and find the balance. While your sensitivity level is off the charts in this stage, you are advised to pay less attention to whatever information you don’t need.

Secondly, your dream patterns might change. Don’t dig too deep to try and figure out what your dreams may mean. For all we know, dreams are just a way for the brain to purge unwanted data that may have been accumulated during the day. Even if your dreams become scary or confusing, try to avoid doing any form of analysis on them.

Thirdly, you may begin to feel less attractive. During this stage, you may begin to experience a drab feeling about yourself. It’s advisable that you continue to do what makes you happy or attractive like going shopping, doing your hair or getting a massages.

Are There a Few Tips for this Period of Pregnancy?

Even when you look healthy and your body isn’t showing any signs of complications of your baby’s health, doctors error on the side of caution as you prepare for your baby’s arrival.

Tip 1: Always talk to your doctor.

Most mothers, especially first-time mothers may want to make their first experience memorable by going on a trip, also referred to as a “babymoon.”  The most common reason for a babymoon”is to celebrate and expert advice must be adhered to so it doesn’t go south. A doctor can advise you on where and when to make trips. Most advise you not to travel somewhere too far away from home while some would advise you against flying.

Tip 2: Increase your calcium intake.

During this period your baby begins to develop teeth. Anything rich in calcium will help the baby’s teeth grow well.

Also, ensure that have an ample supply of snacks; they may be of great help when you’re feeling dizzy. At this stage, your eating habits will change and your blood sugar might become low so these snacks will come in handy.